I will proofread any finished document or manuscript and make a final quality check and tidy-up, looking for any minor errors which have slipped through the editing process. Using care, judgement and knowledge, my aim is to optimise your work. I only re-edit where absolutely necessary, endeavoring to minimise changes and limit impact on word count and layout.

My proofreading process includes:

  • Consistency – usage and presentation, including text, punctuation, images/illustrations and layout
  • Ambiguity and inconsistencies in text or narrative
  • Check numbering and headings
  • Check the table of contents against the document/manuscript contents
  • Check or insert cross-references, where appropriate
  • Eliminate inelegant or confusing word, column or page breaks – including ‘widows’ or ‘orphans’
  • Ensure that illustrations, captions and labels correspond with each other and with the text
  • Check that content looks right and is logically arranged
  • Comparison to edited copy, if required
  • Liaise with the author(s) to resolve queries or advise the client

I will follow style guides or notes provided, or can compile my own as I proofread your work.

I usually make corrections/suggestions directly on your document/manuscript using track changes, however I can also provide BSI mark-ups on paper copies if required.

I can work in either British or US English.